Tuesday, December 08, 2009

YouTube for ESL and classroom management?

Now that a growing majority of Internet users have broadband, you can search just about anything using YouTube and other video clip sites (Google Video, Revver, etc.) have become very popular - especially with young adults. These sites also provide English learners and classes with a new tool to improve listening skills. For an ESL (English as Second Language) students this YouTube will be ideal for them as they can hear how certain words pronounced correctly. Scientific and latin words is also a challenge for all students.

The real advantage Using You tube is - at least from a language learning point of view - is that they offer authentic examples of everyday English used by everyday people. Of course, this is the challenge as well. Students may enjoy watching these clips, but poor sound quality, pronunciation and slang can make these short videos even more difficult to understand.

On the other hand, students are attracted to the "real life" nature of these videos. By creating context for these short videos you can help your students explore a world of online English learning possibilities.

Something to ponder:

Can you write 5 examples in how you could use Youtube in the classrooms?

1.) I like to use it as a hook for example you are doing a cooking activities.

2.) As a classroom management or behavioural management?

3.) Problem solving- Then type in "how to" the YouTube clip can be as simple as "How to do"anything really.

4.) Literacy- Use a title then predict what is the content.

5.) Just given you ESL sample.

Cheers Mary-Ann


  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    I had a giggle when I was reading No.4. There are some pretty innocent sounding youtubes out there and yet they require you to confirm you are over 18yrs for some reason lol.
    These are some fantastic applications of youtube you have mentioned. Now we just have to find a workaround for that pesky content filter Education Queensland loves so much,
    Warm regards,

  2. That is so true! I quickly look at 'Revver' there are some rediculous clips that I had to stop it for my own sake. We as adult can choose what we watch. Students in our class comes from different backgrounds but we as an educator we need to impower these students in what is right and wrong without pushing our personal values.