Thursday, December 10, 2009

Digital Story Telling way to go!

Digital Storytelling refers to using digital tools so that ordinary people can tell their own real-life stories. Using digital storytelling and proper application can be an effective tool . This in line with Seimen's ...through interaction with, use of, and understanding of the exponentially increasing body of knowledge, individuals are required to connect with others to share experiences and to make sense of knowledge. People need to now become part of unrealistic society and to use the technology that is available to them, (Siemens, 2005 and Lee Lafever, 2009), to access the information they need for their current situations.
Digital storytelling will connect others and perhaps creating one would be advantageous to both creators and listener/viewers as they share their experiences. Through Digital storytelling, students will be inspired to tell stories to the next generation using moving image.

I can imagine reflecting and evaluating the students learning will be a central point of gathering data on how students learn through thier experiences. This could be use as summative assessment.Students will be engage through emotive or playfulness screening by movie makers. SOSE lessons will never be the same again. I can see students, as a viewre- will be engage through emotive screening by movie makers.

As Learning Manager/ educator using special screening lessons and hands-on workshops for students and teachers can be the author of their own learning.

One example down below.



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  1. Hi MaryAnn
    Thanks for your ideas on digital storytelling. I am not sure that "digital storytelling WILL connect others", I am sure it "MAY" connect others, but people/students still have to have the intrinsic desire to connect and tell their stories.
    As a learning tool I agree that the possibilities are there to make SOSE incredibly exciting and informative. Enjoy your learning management!

  2. Thanks Sue,
    So true that as humans we have the instrinsmic desire to tell stories.

    I am thinking 'connecting others not physically but through thier experiences and stories people tend to relate to similar experiences that happen to them so connecting others though stories gives students something to discuss on how they could relate to simlar experiences.
    Cheers Mary-Ann

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  4. Hi Maryann
    I love Storytelling, particularly as I have been a Nanny for a few years and children love stories. Once they are stimulated their imagination runs wild and the questions start to flow, or sometimes the answers aswell. A great way for adults to connect with children and where the child's knowledge is enhanced and their language skills extended.
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