Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Using images through Flickr

Some creative ideas for using Flickr in the classroom:

1.) Essential Learning Math: Space

Ask students to identify shapes and the quantity of shapes in the image.
Mathematics, by the end of year 3, Space: Geometric names and properties are used to sort, describe and construct common 2D shapes, including squares, rectangles, and circles, and 3D objects, including prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders and spheres.

Queensland Syllabus required students to locate and apply an image that represents the feelings/experiences of a character in a given text.
Justify choice of images.
Essential Learnings required students to locate and apply an image that represents the feelings/experiences of a character in a given text. Justify choice of images.

2.) English, by the end of you 5.
Reading and viewing
Reading and viewing involve using a range of strategies to interpret and appreciate written, visual and multimodal texts in personal and community contexts.

Readers and viewers use a number of active comprehension strategies to interpret texts, including activating prior knowledge, predicting, questioning, identifying main ideas, inferring, monitoring, summarising and reflecting.
So much more you can use images. I think images can use in variety of ways. Using Flicker is just one way to incorporate ICT to enhance learning .According to Winch et al., 2004,we now live in an iconic world -which require each individual to decode meaning and decoding images, applying this type of learning can only enhance deepen students understanding that when applying images an author has purpose. For students justify thier purpose for them to understand visual literacy is an important as reading written text.
Winch G., et.al (2004). Literacy reading and writing and childrens literature (2nd ed.).South Melbourne,Victoria Aus: Oxford University Press.


  1. Thank you MaryAnn,
    These are some truly thought provoking ideas. Images are everywhere and sometimes our children's ability to decode these messages can be lifesaving. Just think of signs. In fact the last time I used Flckr in the classroom it was during a 'Safety' unit and I showed thema group of signs from Mexico. They could decode those that had pictures but not those that contained a foreign language and I used this distinction to help them understand what makes an effective sign.

  2. Thanks Sharon,
    To be literate is not only reading and writing... So much more... Even in a "supressed society", an artist can still voice his message through art and other meduim. A picture has stories behind it. I once experience going to an art gallery,I asked the person next to me-on what he could see looking at the piece... He told me an amazing story by just looking at the picture.
    I see it differently. So a picture can also be a hook for SOSE lesson.
    Cheers Mary-Ann

  3. Great idea Mary-Ann,
    There is a growing number of photo art being displayed on flickr now as well that are simply breath taking. The idea that you can use a photo as a stimulus to conversation is tried and true; but now technologies such as Flickr enable students to create a group to categorise photos.

    I used an egs. in my blog where you could turn this into an exercise in complex reasoning by having them see how unrelated patterns can apply to different situations through abstract thinking.

    I also used Flickr to find a photo that was suitable for my voice thread.