Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Scholastic!! Scholastic!

Thank you Scholastic!
I remembered clearly how my daughter loves her monthly supplies of books.She collected 'Baby Sitters Club' she used to get three amonth. It was not very expensive. My mentor teacher this year just reminded me on how good those books were.
While distributing student books that they bought through Scholastic, she mentioned how she get to have free resources from Scholastic that depending on students orders.I taught I have to check it out myself.
So I got connected and more... It allows you to set up a free class homepage that can be accessed by your students and thier parents as well. You just need to click here, and then create an account.

Creating a homepage is quite simple. I encourage teachers and educators alike to create an account and have a go. It is a good place to check out what is the latest news.
What a wonderful way to share to your parents what is happening to your classroom. There are lessons and lots of new ideas that I can use wherever you may be teaching.Just let your imagiation go. You could be teacher far far away and here is your resources.


Retrieved infrormation from: http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/home.jsp

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