Monday, November 30, 2009

The Power of...PowerPoint.

I have seen many students create PowerPoint’s and deliver reports or presentations to the class using this medium. Students do enjoy creating PowerPoints, though can be distracted at times creating animations, layouts, colours and fonts rather than focussing more on the content of their presentation. Non-the-less, I find PowerPoint’s a great starting point for students to begin adding images, hyperlinks, music and animation to their written work due to the fact that the program is relatively easy to use, navigate through and find help if needed. It is a great introduction to using computers as well as what is possible with blogs and other ‘web2’ tools.

The creating process is obviously fun and engaging for students therefore different learning styles are catered for when creating and viewing a PowerPoint. Students tend to be visual learners due to the amount of exposure to TV, DVD’s, and ICT’s, therefore PowerPoint presentations meet this type of learning, (Pearce, 2007).I have seen a recent example of a PowerPoint presentation used to add images and fonts to create emphasis to different aspects of the poem.

I have found personally, PowerPoint’s are great for delivering lessons….putting up key questions or images that all can see while you discuss the topic. It is a visual cue to keep students on track and the LM can keep referring back to the various slides. The lesson key points can be put on sequential slides which are easy to work through during the lesson. It is easy to move back and forward through the slides if necessary for revision.

In combination with data projectors In the past I have use PowerPoint at church which we use as a slide for songs, future events, and it was useful for as simple as using as a picture slide. One thing I like about PowerPoint is that you could also use and index to easily track or restore your songs (anything really). PowerPoint can easily be shared through email and now Slide Share.
I was involved in creating a PowerPoint recently for an assignment were we focused on the animations and timing of text entering and departing a slide to create focus. I must admit I still don’t understand it.
YEY!! More learning to do more exploring!!!

Cheers Mary-Ann

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  1. Hi Mary-Ann,
    I agree that powerpoints offer an excellent startiing point for students learning to add images, hyperlinks, music and animation to their written work. I feel that this is a better use for powerpoints then perhaps using them to deiver lessons in bullet points. I worry about how power points really reduce the key points of a lesson as I think students can miss the bigger picture and connections.